Probably because I'm from planet awesome.

Probably because I'm from planet awesome.

"Not all witches live out in the wilds, luring little children to their grisly deaths. But a girl needs goals." About me: 1, 2, 3. Mainly a queue-run blog with a lot of art and food, a splash of fandoms, random animal pics, and a sprinkle of soapboxing/personal whining. If you're not reading my tags, you're missing 90% of my post.  Sometimes I get grumpy and yell at people. :) I'm trained as a chef and I like food. And pink.

Why is it that every time I work from home, someone comes in and moves stuff on my desk?


he didn’t take too kindly to the camera shutter noise

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85th annual academy awards-ceremony 2013 pics…


Lawyers for two Guantanamo Bay detainees cited the Hobby Lobby decision to argue for their clients’ rights to perform prayers during Ramadan. However, the court argued that the detainees didn’t qualify as persons under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Wow.






James Marsters & David Boreanaz T4 interview / Angel: The Final Season featurette
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Sexual orientation: Chris Evans in a black t-shirt.

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babies screaming when you’re out shopping


I just agree with them. Baby screams, I go, “I know, right?” Parents don’t appreciate it, but I think the babies do.

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I thought it’d be bigger
- how to ruin a guy’s self esteem in 5 words (via e-v-e-r-lasting)